Absolute Massage Therapy
Absolute Massage Therapy

Massage therapy generally aims to:

Maintain or augment physical function

Many people use massage therapy as a form of body maintenance, receiving massage simply for the continuance of good health. Massage therapy can also be an integral part of an athletic training program by preventing muscle and tendon injuries, speeding recovery time which help to improve performance for the competitive or recreational athlete.

Relieve, manage or prevent physical dysfunction and pain

Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, headaches, muscle strains and spasms, ligament sprains, back pain, repetitive strain injuries, pregnancy-associated discomfort and post surgery / post-injury rehabilitation, TMJ pain are all problems that can be helped with massage therapy. Massage therapy can even help soften and liberate tissue that has become adhered to underlying tissue caused by scarring and burns.

Improve circulation, recovery time and immune system function

Massage therapy has been proven to boost immune system function. The lymphatic system is a significant aspect of the immune system that contains cells which help to guard us against illness and infection. Massage can increase the effectiveness of the immune system by increasing the distribution of lymphatic fluid.

Relax tight, tense muscles

When chronic tension builds up in the muscles it subsequently causes a decrease in circulation and nutrient delivery to tissues as well as by-product delivery away from the tissues. Massage therapy promotes blood flow to and from an area where circulation may be compromised, and also gently eases muscle tension.

Reduce symptoms of stress

People often talk about the psychological benefits of massage therapy. Prolonged periods of stress can negatively affect all body systems. Stress hormones can be detrimental to the body especially over long periods of time. Stress has been shown to aggravate, or even cause problems such as heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, memory loss, and decreased immune system function. Massage therapy can reduce symptoms of emotional stress, which in turn can reduce the production of stress chemicals in the body.

Registered massage therapy is regulated under the “Regulated Health Professions Act” (RHPA), which means that in Ontario you must complete a minimum number of hours of training at an accredited school, then you must successfully pass board-wide practical and written examinations. Once registered, therapists must complete approximately 20 hours of continuing education per year in order to maintain their status and to keep their skills current.

We often work in conjunction with other health care providers, such as physiotherapists, physicians, chiropractors, naturopaths, midwives, orthopedic surgeons in order to ensure you receive exceptional care.

All of our therapists are registered with the CMTO (College of Massage Therapists of Ontario). Scroll down to see more information on our therapists.