Almonte RMT and Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis, commonly abbreviated as MS is a disease that attacks the nervous system. It causes the Immune system to attack the nervous system which slows down and eventually completely cuts out the link between the brain and various parts of the body. Why are we, an Almonte RMT clinic, talking about MS?

We’ll tell you!

Many people only think of Massage Therapy as a means of pampering oneself. While this can be true, it is much more than that. There are so many benefits to be derived from this relaxing practice.

Someone suffering from MS can derive many benefits from Massage Therapy. Such benefits include relief of tension, decrease fatigue, improved mood, and increased energy levels. Studies have also shown that undergoing frequent massage therapy can limit the progression of MS by normalizing the immune function.

We are happy to provide you with Almonte RMT at any time. If you have a friend or relative suffering from any kind of condition, call us to see if Massage Therapy may help ease the pain.

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