I love my job because:

I get to meet new people of all walks of life, be part of their transformations as we work to resolve their concerns and to be surrounded by an extremely knowledgeable and supportive team every single day. See me if:

With over 15 years in the health and wellness field, and over 25 years of playing sports (up to University level football), I have a solid understanding of the human body and sports injuries, as well as how to treat them. Using a variety of unique techniques (i.e. cupping, active isolated stretching, fascial release, etc.), I have the flexibility to adjust all treatments to cater specifically to what you need. From deep pressure, to sports injury, to relaxation, I dedicate everything I can to returning clients the quality of life they deserve, while catering to each individual’s requirements. I believe:

I genuinely believe that nobody should have to endure living with pain. It is for this reason that I look at every individual from a holistic perspective in order to treat the root cause of any concern. Qualifications and Courses:
Registered Massage Therapist (2018) Personal Trainer (2000) Bachelor of business, major in Marketing Active Isolated Stretching Certification –AIS Stretching Canada. Graston level 1 Rapid release upper and lower body Darby Training Systems (DTS) Level 1 Poliquin Personal Training Certification NASM Upper/Lower Body Muscle Imbalance Specialist Certified Titleist Golf Fitness Instructor Medical Level 2 Certification – Titleist Performance Institute (in process) CanfitPro Certified Personal Trainer (2005) NASM Certified Weight Loss Specialist Natural Health Nutritionist –International Academy of Advanced Nutrition NASM MMA Condition Specialist Certified Fitness Kickboxing Instructor Fitness Kickboxing Canada Certified Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor Certified TRX Suspension Instructor Certified TRX RIP Trainer Instructor Certified IDEA Bootcamp Specialist Instructor Certified Lifestyle Coach – Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching