Get Rid of Those Aches with Trigger Point Therapy

Often referred to as “knots,” trigger points are points of pain and spasm in a muscle.  Your body has trigger points throughout your muscle tissue that can actually cause cause pain in other parts of your body. Irritation in these trigger points is typically from athletic activity, stress, injury, and repetitive strain.

Our sports massage therapists in Almonte, Kanata, and Carleton Place utilize trigger point massage therapy to with trigger point therapy to help manage pain and stress from chronic injuries. For example, by addressing a trigger point in your back, our therapists could reduce referral pain in the neck. To compound the issue is that the neck then acts as a satellite trigger point, causing potential headaches.

Absolute Massage Therapists uses trigger point therapy to alleviate the source of the pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release. The recipient (you) will actively participates through deep breathing as well as identifying the exact location and intensity of the discomfort.

Trigger point massages release constricted areas in the muscles and alleviate pain – you can experience a significant decrease in pain after just one treatment.