Taking care of our therapists, so that you can take care of your clients.

A supportive work environment is part of our culture, and being a part of the relax. massage group means you’re part of a family which is closely connected both professionally and personally.

We cater to those of you who are used to owning your own business.  We do offer independent contractor status to the right candidate. But, for those of you who struggle with the stress of HST remittance and the lack of benefits that independent contractor status brings, here is a revolutionary alternative that could change your life.

~Ever wonder why, as a regulated health professional, you don’t have access to the extended health care system like most of your clients and friends do?

~Do you wish you had PAID vacation as everyone else seems to?

~Does tax time give you anxiety?

~CMTO fees bring you down?

We are focused on taking care of our therapists so that you can take care of your clients.

~Extended health benefits that include eye care, dental, and even all paramedical services!

~CMTO/Insurance fees reimbursed every year

~Paid vacation

For those of you who love the freedom of working for yourself, we are also open to independent contractor status and a flat rental rate. 

Other reasons to consider us for your massage therapy career…

We are on cloud nine…meaning we’re completely cloud-based giving you the option to manage your practice from your laptop, your smartphone, even from Australia! See Jane Run.

Every time our linen service shows up with fresh, folded sheets and towels, it feels like Christmas morning.  Stop wasting time on laundry.  Love your job instead.

Treat your clients, and your body, to our swanky electric tables. You’ll never be the same.

We aren’t a franchise. We are a family.

Here is more information on our family of clinics….

relax. Kanata

This is our original location which opened its doors in 2004. We are well established here with a warm and welcoming staff, spacious treatment rooms with windows, electric tables, linen service, a cleaner and a guaranteed full roster of clients. Yes, you heard right. We can guarantee your income.

Seeking 1 full-time position.

Email Kanata@relaxmassagegroup.com or melissa@relaxmassagegroup.com for more information.

relax. Greenbank

We have a brand new, stunningly beautiful clinic now open on Greenbank at Hunt Club with clients chomping at the bit to get in for treatment in a massively underserviced area. Reach out to Brigit Laberge at 613-596-5644 or email us at greenbank@relaxmassagegroup.com to find out more. Ask about our marble handwashing station and the amazing Sonos sound system. Try out our brand new electric tables.

Seeking 1 full-time position.

Email Greenbank@relaxmassagegroup.com for more information

relax. Ottawa

This is relax. massage group’s latest acquisition. A beautiful century building in the heart of the nation’s capital. Brand new electric tables with table warmers, a full linen service, a cleaner, large spacious treatment rooms with windows, and a steady income stream are waiting for you.

Seeking 1 full-time position.

Email  Melissa@relaxmassagegroup.com to find out more.

relax. Almonte

Enjoy small-town living? This clinic lives in the nicest town in the valley.  Enjoy the friendliest clients, a chill vibe, huge rooms with bright windows, linen service, electric tables in a historic building.

Seeking 1 part-time position.

Email almonte@relaxmassagegroup.com or melissa@relaxmassagegroup.com or come for a visit!

Still not sure? Interview us. Ask us how we will support you in building up your practice.  Don’t be afraid to tell us what your needs are.  We try not to fit square pegs into round holes. Let us know what’s important to you, so we can make you feel important.

The Next Move is Yours!



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This is what the staff say about working for Melissa and Relax Massage Group

"When we moved to Ottawa I had to give up a job at a great place. I can honestly say I am now at an even better place. I truly love it here."
"Melissa treats us like adults, she is our mother our sister and our friend. I love her. Can I say that?"
"I love the flexibility here. I make up my own schedule. It is ABSOLUTELY ( no pun intended) the best place I have ever worked."
"The number one thing you discover here is respect. Hard to say no to that."
"It's great here. Melissa is great. I love her. I hope I never leave here."
"Sometimes the lunchroom is cold. Maybe that's just me."