Just Because the Puck Drops, Doesn’t Mean You Have To

Welcome back hockey.  And if you’re a participant and not just a fan, welcome back bumps, bruises, and back injuries.  Hockey players are especially susceptible for lower back injuries because of the flexed-forward posture as well as the frequent hyperextension (backward) stress. Back pain, muscle pulls, and hip flexor injuries are no strangers to weekend warriors in Almonte, Kanata, and Carleton Place.

So whether you’re looking to avoid a recurring injury or treating a new one, make sure you check out our sports massage therapists in Almonte, Kanata, and Carleton Place to keep you on the ice. With the largest group of Registered Massage Therapists in the Ottawa area, Absolute Massage Therapy will take the time to get to know you, your injury history, and what injuries you might be especially at risk for.

Let’s face it, hockey in the Ottawa area is serious business – whether you’re a Senator or a once-a week player whose back, knees, and hairline have seen better days.  Bowhere in Almonte, Kanata, and Carleton Place will you find sports massage therapists to keep you on the ice…and the dream alive. Because you never know when you might be called up to the big club.