One of Absolute’s most popular massages this time of the year in all of our locations (including Carleton Place, Almonte, Kanata, and Ottawa) are hot stone massages.  These massages not

Often referred to as “knots,” trigger points are points of pain and spasm in a muscle.  Your body has trigger points throughout your muscle tissue that can actually cause cause

A prenatal massage for Ottawa (as well as Kanata, Almonte, Carleton Place) expectant mothers has a lot of the great features of a regular Swedish massage, customized to pregnant women’s

One of the most common forms of massage is the Swedish massage, developed in 1812 by a Swedish physiologist named Henri Peter Ling. Ling’s goal was to create a relaxing

While many of the same techniques used in Swedish massage are also used in deep tissue massage, the pressure is typically more intense and focused and will usually be focused

That tightening feeling in your neck, those occasional pangs of lower back pain – whether put there by the kids, your boss, or finishing that big home do-it-yourself project –

If you are even a weekend athlete, sports massage therapy in Kanata is a must! The increased circulation you receive from deep tissue sports massage in Kanata can be your