Massage Therapy for Better Mental Health

Previously we took a look at both the preventive (Massage Therapy to Keep You Healthy) and healing (Massage Therapy to Overcome Medical Conditions) powers of massage therapy. Today we’re examining the mental health benefits of massage therapy. These include:

Relieve Stress
A massage will soothe nerves and tired muscles.  Tension is stored in our muscles, no matter the cause. Massage therapy relaxes your body,  and relieves your mind. With less stress comes more energy in the short term and a longer life long term.

Ease Depression
When you release tension with massage therapy, you are also reducing anxiety, which goes hand-in-hand with depression.  reduce anxiety and depression typically goes down as well.

Studies show that a massage stimulates brain-wave activity to help with a deeper sleep and with that comes more energy…when you are not asleep of course.  Scientifically, massage therapy increases the amount of serotonin in your body, which helps with a night of more restful sleep. Insomnia sufferers report they have a restful night sleep after a massage session with one of our therapists.

In today’s increasingly hectic world where you are bombarded with stimuli all day and night, it’s tough to focus without some downtime, massage therapy gives your mind downtime so you’re able to focus better the rest of your day.

Improve Your Disposition
Massage helps you feel better – more equipped to take on the day, week, and all of your challenges.