Massages’ Therapeutic Benefits to Counteract the Ottawa Cold

It’s cold.  it is the type of cold that makes us question our choice of Carleton Place, Almonte, Kanata, or Ottawa as where we spend our winters.

And with Ottawa’s literally bone chilling weather, comes aching muscles, bones and joints. Ottawa residents find their joints and muscles inflamed with pain. You are not imagining it, cold weather causes your joints to swell and become stiff as well as making your pain receptors more sensitive.

Combine the effects of the cold with the natural inclination we have to stay inside our homes and a decrease of activity acts as a multiplier to the cold’s impacts on your body. You aren’t getting the physical movement you need to feel like yourself.

A massage from Absolute in Carleton Place, Almonte, Kanata, or Ottawa can also strengthen your body to help boost your immune system and keep the winter sniffles away.  Additionally, regular massages combat your winter aches and pains.  Our massages have a deep penetrating effect, diminishing muscle stress and releasing toxins from the body, to provide vital relief from the aches cold weather can bring.

And of course winter massages improve your circulation, promoting body warmth as well as healthier blood pressure levels and increased flow of oxygen throughout the body.