Massage Therapy in Almonte


In 2011, in the historical town of Almonte, Ontario relax. Almonte was born. It is located in the heart of the picturesque town and offers the same gold standard of massage therapy care our clients have come to know and expect.

We are located at 83 Farm Street and are excited to meet you at our new space to experience beautiful massage therapy in Almonte.

Every member of the team is carefully and individually selected for their unique skill-sets and their compassion and empathy towards their clients.


Meet the relax. Almonte Team

Ashley Culp

(Giddy Gardener)

Darby O'Connor


Jessica Murray

(Fashion Blogger Mama)

Kristen Wood

(Dancing Queen)

Tracy Felice

(Popcorn Fanatic)

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Whether you need help with an injury or you just want to relax, our clinic caters to all clients with unique situations.