The Medical Benefits of Massage Therapy

Over the next several blogs we’ll be examining the benefits of a relax. Massage from several different perspectives:

  • Massage Therapy to Overcome Medical Conditions
  • Massage Therapy to Keep You Healthy
  • Massage Therapy for Better Mental Health
  • Using Massage Therapy to Enhance Your Lifestyle

relax. Massage Therapy serves the citizens of Almonte, Kanata, Nepean/Barrhaven and Ottawa – providing affordable and professional massage therapy services for a variety of medical ailments, the most common being:

Accelerate Healing
Massage therapy serves as a “kick start” to your body’s ability to heal itself in a variety of ways including boosting your immune system – often cutting recovery time in half.

Relieve Migraines
Scientific studies have shown that a majority of chronic migraine sufferers (60%) dramatically reduced or eliminated the occurrence of migraines when treated regularly by massage therapy.

Ease Pain
Whether you have pain from an accident, age, or ailment, massage is a great alternative to medications to help relieve what ails you – and there are no side effects!

Improve Circulation and Blood Flow 
With each massage comes improved blood flow that not only expedites healing but can actually (temporarily) lower blood pressure. The massage therapy process promotes cleansing, oxygenated blood to flow.  Massage also reduces swelling or edema that occurs with high blood pressure through the activation of the lymph system, naturally flushing out excess fluids. Massage therapy is not a cure for high blood pressure, but it helps as part of an overall treatment plan.

Settle Your Stomach
Believe it or not, relaxation you experience during massage stimulates the part of the brain that controls digestion – the parasympathetic nervous system – but of course you knew that from 8th grade biology class. Gentle pressure to your abdomen can relieve congested areas of the digestive tract. Additionally, as stress and tension are major causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, massage therapy are extremely therapeutic.

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