The Truth About Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is one of the most beneficial as well as misunderstood techniques our massage therapists in Almonte, Kanata, and Carleton Place utilize.

A deep tissue massage from our Almonte, Kanata, and Carleton Place massage therapists involves the manipulation of the deeper layers of muscle and soft tissues in the body. It requires the massage therapist to reach deep layers by warming up the muscles on top.

It’s assumed, feared, and ultimately a barrier to trying a deep tissue massage it will be painful. The fact is, most find deep tissue massages so relaxing that is not the case at all.

Let’s be honest, this process of reaching deep tissue layers could be quite painful when the massage therapy is placed in the wrong hands.  But often pain comes from an over-eager desire to reach the deep tissue in the first session. Often one session to “prep” your body for a deep tissue massage is useful, presents resistance, and maximize deep tissue massage benefits. Taking you through this session will prevent your muscles to tense up during the deep tissue massage.

Our massage therapists will work within your comfort level and pain tolerance at all times. If you experience mild discomfort, that’s okay – that means he deep tissue massage is working. If you have pain, tell us, we will back off and take the process slower. But keep in mind, it is our job to keep you comfortable and relaxed, otherwise  why have a massage at all?