Why Winter Massages Warm Your Soul

Whether you live in Almonte or Carleton Place, Kanata or Ottawa, you know there’s a tendency to hibernate and stay inside as much as possible.  The last thing on your mind may be to venture out in sub-zero temperatures to get a massage – but there are significant benefits to a winter massage, including:

Massages boost your immune system.  It is a scientific fact that regular massage therapy can boost the ability to fight off the many bugs and viruses common in the Winter months.

Massages can be energizing. Shorter days, less sun actually does have an impact on your energy – you can feel worn out and tired simply from less sun. Massages help you beat the winter blues and relieve stress.

Massages can treat dry skin.  Ottawa’s cold dry winters bring with it dry skin that can be mitigated with massage therapy. How? Massages stabilize the collagen in your skin and also helps maintain your skin’s elasticity… sound complicated?  trust us, it works! Additionally, the lotions and creams used in your massage help as well.

Massages literally warm you… We can incorporate heated elements in the winter months including heating pads, stones, towels, etc.  These all help to warm cold, rigid muscles so you get the most out of your massage session.